Meet the Clan

Meet Clan Wulfhar

Clan Wulfhar are a group of horse-traders. However, in these times horses are extremely valuable and, of course, easily stolen so the Clan needs to be able to protect their property. This is why they are so well-armed and highly trained. Of course, should they come across people having difficulties with troublesome intruders they can assist: for a suitable fee.

The Members of Clan Wulfhar

The leader of the Clan is Lord Ormagunda Wulfhar. He is an experienced warlord who is favoured by Odin. He is cautious, plans well and keeps a cool head in battle. He is also known as a fair and generous Lord. He has travelled as far as Micklegard (Constantinople) in the East where he spent some time in the Varangian Guard and to the Land of the English in the West, where he met his wife at the famous and busy port of Stamford.

Lady Kula Wulfhar is Lord Orm's wife and deals with domestic matters around Camp. She is the holder of the keys and guards the portable wealth of her family. She is known as a kind and generous lady. As is normal in Viking Society she is busy with preparing food and textiles. As is expected, her household retainers assist her in these tasks.

Lord Hauk is Lord Wulfhar's brother and has accompanied him on his travels. A formidable warrior who is favoured by Thor he is no-one to cross, but he prefers to let Lord Orm handle the troublesome matter of leading the Clan. He always backs his brother up, however.

Lord Heimdall is Lord Hauk's son and a battle-tried warrior in his own right. He, too, follows Thor and is no-one to annoy.

Un the Moneyer is the Clan's coiner. She makes coinage from the silver that is traded.

Kilyn is the armourer. He is from the Kingdom of Ulster and has fought across most of Western Europe before joining Clan Wulfhar. He is a Christian but a good fighter and really understands weapons.

Wynn is part of Lady Kula's household and came with her from the land of the English. She is old but still able to help with the sewing for Lady Kula, being a skilled embroiderer.

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